Section Description
Section 1.1 PROB: Your Ride Is Here
PROB: Greedy Gift Givers
PROB: Friday the Thirteenth
PROB: Broken Necklace
Section 1.2 PROB: Milking Cows
PROB: Transformations
PROB: Name That Number
PROB: Palindromic Squares
PROB: Dual Palindromes
Section 1.3 PROB: Mixing Milk
PROB: Barn Repair
PROB: Calf Flac
PROB: Prime Cryptarithm
Section 1.4 PROB: Packing Rectangles
PROB: The Clocks
PROB: Arithmetic Progressions
PROB: Mother's Milk
Section 1.5 PROB: Number Triangles
PROB: Prime Palindromes
PROB SuperPrime Rib
PROB: Checker Challenge
Section 2.1 PROB: The Castle
PROB: Ordered Fractions
PROB: Sorting A Three-Valued Sequence
PROB: Healthy Holsteins
PROB: Hamming Codes
Section 2.2 PROB: Preface Numbering
PROB: Subset Sums
PROB: Runaround Numbers
PROB: Party Lamps
Section 2.3 PROB:Longest Prefix
PROB: Zero Sum
PROB: Money Systems
PROB: Controlling Companies
Section 2.4 PROB: The Tamworth Two
PROB: Overfencing
PROB: Cow Tours
PROB: Bessie Come Home
PROB: Fractions to Decimals
Section 3.1 PROB: Agri-Net
PROB: Score Inflation
PROB: Humble Numbers
PROB: Shaping Regions
PROB: Contact
PROB: Stamps
Section 3.2 PROB: Factorials
PROB: Stringsobits
PROB: Spinning Wheels
PROB: Feed Ratios
PROB: Magic Squares
Section 3.3 PROB: Shopping Offers
PROB: Camelot
PROB: Home on the Range
PROB: A Game
Section 3.4 PROB: Closed Fences
PROB: American Heritage
PROB: Electric Fence
PROB: Raucous Rockers
Section 4.1 PROB: Beef McNuggets
PROB: Fence Rails
PROB: Fence Loops
PROB: Cryptcowgraphy
Section 4.2 PROB: Drainage Ditches
PROB: The Perfect Stall
PROB: Job Processing
PROB: Cowcycles
Section 4.3 PROB: Buy Low, Buy Lower
PROB: The Primes
PROB: Street Race
Section 4.4 PROB: Shuttle Puzzle
PROB: Pollutant Control
PROB: Frame Up
Section 5.1 PROB: Fencing the Cows
PROB: Starry Night
PROB: Musical Themes
Section 5.2 PROB: Electric Fences
PROB: Wisconsin Squares
Section 5.3 PROB: Milk Measuring
PROB: Window Area
Section 5.4 PROB: All Latin Squares
PROB: Canada Tour
PROB: Character Recognition
PROB: Betsy's Tour
Section 5.5 PROB: Picture